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The ASSITEJ SA AGM took place on 7 December at the Windybrow Theatre in Johannesburg with Cape Town members skyping in from the Theatre Arts Admin Collective. The meeting was chaired by our new Chairperson, Sherri le Mottee, who spoke to four key areas of performance that would strengthen the intentions and actions of the board in the year ahead:

A Board that has a vision and acts with intent.
A Board that acts deliberately and compassionately
Grounded in sustainability and longevity
A Board that inspires and is inspired!
The minutes of the meeting, final annual report and audited financial statement will be made available in early 2017.

Board nominations:

The board is accepting nominations for two spaces on the board. The board is particularly looking for individuals with skills in financial management. Interested individuals ought to send a short motivation and CV to by 11 January 2017.

AGM 2016


Creating Access

National Arts Festival - ASSITEJ Family Venue


ASSITEJ SA will once again facilitate a pooled-marketing body at National Arts Festival for artists presenting work for young audiences, known as the "ASSITEJ Family Fare Platform". The purpose of this venture is to provide audiences with a quality experience of family-centred programming, aimed at all ages from 0-19, and their adults. In order to optimise marketing, artists pool their marketing monies and ASSITEJ SA creates joint marketing materials which aid the selling of tickets and raise the profile of theatre for young audiences at the festival. ASSITEJ SA also contributes to creating a vibrant and accessible family space for audiences to enjoy, and ensures M&E in order for artists to be able to provide their funders and supporters with credible information about their projects.

ASSITEJ SA will in 2017 limit the number of participants on this programme to maximise the quality of the output.

Please note that to participate in this programme, artists must also apply to National Arts Festival Fringe which closes on 16 January. ASSITEJ SA does not make applications to National Arts Festival on behalf of artists.

The  money payable to ASSITEJ SA, which is in the region of R4000-R5000 for pooled-marketing, is separate to costs owed to National Arts Festival. It covers posters, a collective programme, banners and other related marketing materials.

ASSITEJ SA does not take a commission from artists for their participation, and seeks additional resources to bulk up the amount of money and capacity for marketing pooled together by artists.

If you are interested in participating, or would like to know more, please email us on by 12 January 2016. 


Empowering Education

Book Schools for Cradle of Creativity

We would like to formally invite you to book your school for the Cradle of Creativity: The 19th ASSITEJ World Congress and International Theatre Festival,  set to take place in Cape Town, 17 - 27 May 2017, hosted by ASSITEJ South Africa.
ASSITEJ South Africa will bring Cape Town to life with a spectacular, truly African festival, providing the very best theatre for young audiences from across the world and leaving a rich legacy of diversity, creativity and opportunity.

'Cradle of Creativity' will be 11-days of exhilarating performances in one of the biggest inter-cultural exchanges of the year. Like a world cup of children's theatre, it has been held in a different country every three years since 1965, including Poland, Sweden, Australia, Canada, South Korea, Russia France and Spain.

Presented for the first time in Africa, this International Theatre Festival for Children and Young People, will capture the imagination of local, national, and global audiences with the creativity of the performing arts.
We would like to invite your school to book their places now. 

The schools booking programme has a range of options which include a combination of shows and workshops.

1 day visits (between R150 - R350 p/p)
3 day visits (between R450 - R990 p/p)
5 day visits (between R680 - R1410 p/p)

The festival will have age-appropriate productions aimed at children as young as babies all the way up to teenagers at an FET level.

You can view the brochure and booking form here (click this link)
Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us


Supporting and Developing Artists:

RMB Support for Artists at Cradle of Creativity


With the generous support of RMB, ASSITEJ SA will be rolling-out various support grants for artists performing at Cradle of Creativity.

The first is "Support for Productions at Cradle"

South African invited to bring their work to Cradle of Creativity and those interested in participating in the Producer's Bazaar or Early Year Fringe are eligible to apply for 1 of 15 R6000 grant that would go towards travel costs for performing at Cradle of Creativity.

Two more grants will be made available in 2017 relating to marketing support and delegate support at the Cradle of Creativity.

To apply for this grant, please send a short motivation on how you would make use of this money, along with your contact details to by 11 January 2017.


Promoting and Advocating

ASSITEJ SA Subscription


If you would like to support ASSITEJ SA  and would like to make a small contribution, we invite you to make payments via debit order.

Payments will go toward the overall running costs of ASSITEJ SA and is an ASSITEJ SA initiative to diversify its fundraising to manage the fluctuating nature of funding grants. 

With a small, but cost-effective and efficient team, ASSITEJ SA in the 2015-2016 financial year supported 97 productions for young audiences nationally, out of the approximately 216 productions programmed by theatres.

Our creative arts education programme Kickstarter is currently being reviewed by Wits University as the subject of a Master's research programme and we are the hosts of the international gathering of theatre for young audiences, the 19th ASSITEJ World Congress and International Theatre Festival, which is taking place in Africa for the very first time in over 50 years of ASSITEJ International.

In the 9 year history of ASSITEJ SA, it has sometimes operated with annual incomes of over R8 million and sometimes operated with much MUCH smaller funding grants where the work was able to continue with the generous support from the many partners ASSITEJ SA has built up over time.  To help us into our 10th year and onwards, we invite you to make a tangible commitment this December:

Name of accountholder:             ASSITEJ South Africa

Bank Account number:               1944 208 127

Name of Bank                               Nedbank

Branch Code                                  194405

 Thank you for your ongoing support of our work.



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