Engaging with Educators to empower arts in schools is an important activity area for ASSITEJ SA. The organisation does this by:

1. Running specific projects and initiatives which link education and theatre

  • Theatre4Youth: An Interactive Catalogue for Theatre and Education, an online hub connecting theatres with schools 
  • Creative Voices: A Practical, Integrated Toolbox for Teachers (take to Creative Voices page)
  • Fair Play Project: Holiday programmes for Educators and learners
  • Workshops: Theatre is Education: connecting the curriculum and theatre

2. Generating products which support the integration of education and theatre

  • Ogreling book
  • Creating original educational materials and/or editing of already existing materials to accompany productions and enhance the educational experience.

3. Contributing to educational materials for schools

  • a) CAPs curriculum
  • b) Textbooks for Grades 4-12 for Creative Arts and Dramatic Arts

Creative Voices

A Practical, Integrated Toolbox for Teachers

CREATIVE VOICES is an integrated arts project which assists teachers in schools to empower learners to work creatively in the Arts and Culture/Creative Arts arena.

Workshops for Educators

ASSITEJ SA provides tailor made workshops for educators interested in finding ways to link the curriculum requirements with creative arts. If you would like to have a workshop at your school or join a group of educators to learn more, please contact us.

Contributing to educational materials for schools

ASSITEJ SA has consistently contributed to the development of educational materials for schools through the work of the Director, Yvette Hardie. Yvette Hardie has extensive experience in the field of arts education and has been involved in writing:

  • CAPs curriculum
  • Textbooks for Grades 4-12 for Creative Arts and Dramatic Arts

Her contribution to these educational materials has had a positive impact on the experience of educators and learners involved in the creative arts across South Africa.



Fair Play Project

The Fair Play Project provides children and youth with safe spaces to be involved in creative arts activities during school holidays. It is designed to develop the capacity of children, youth and adults to participate in transforming unfairness into fairness in their world. The themes of Fair Play engage the youth with issues around fairness both on a personal level and in a broader context.


Products linking the curriculum and theatre

ASSITEJ SA believes that it is important to develop products that can be used in the classroom by educators which link the curriculum with theatre. ASSITEJ SA does this by:

  1. Creating products that can accompany theatre productions as they tour schools
  2. Working with educators that want to create tools to connect the curriculum with theatre productions (link to educator workshop page)
  3. Working with theatre makers to create products that can accompany their theatre productions to schools

An example of one product which does this is The Ogreling Book. To purchase this book, place your order here.

If you are interested in creating a product of this nature yourself or having one created for you to use in the classroom, please contact us (click here)



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