ASSITEJ SA actively supports and develops theatre makers that already create theatre for young audiences, as well as those that want to do so, through a range of membership services and activities focused on professional skills development.

  1. Theatre4 Youth : An Interactive Catalogue for Theatre and Education, an online hub connecting theatres with schools 
  2. Practitioner Workshops: Strategic skills development and training to support and develop theatre companies and artistic individuals
  3. Touring theatre to schools: Each year ASSITEJ SA tours high quality theatre productions to schools
  4. Inspiring a Generation: A one year mentorship programme for 4-5 emerging practitioners 
  5. The Remix Laboratory: An annual mentorship programme at the National Arts Festival theatre practitioners
  6. Internships: Individual internships for practitioners in direction, arts administration and producing

ASSITEJ Membership

ASSITEJ South Africa is a member-driven association whose doors are open to all individuals, companies, organisations and groups working within the field of theatre for children and young people, directly or indirectly, regardless of age, race, language, religion or political conviction. The types of categories of membership of the association entails that it accommodates people of all age groups.

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The Theatre4Youth site ( serves as a facilitating bridge between theatre and education, making it easy for schools to book excellent productions for their learners, and for theatre companies to tour productions to schools. It moderates the quality of the theatre presented in schools through a participatory feedback system, serves as a space for local artists to develop collaborations with communities as resident artists, and assists theatre companies in making their work more relevant and accessible to schools. This online resource does this by:

  1. Allowing schools to find and select an appropriate piece of theatre for their learners, according to a range of features (for example, language, age, topic, subject, etc).
  2. Enabling theatre companies to plan tours of schools more easily and cost-effectively, as they are able to benefit from a central database, thereby cutting down on the amount of administration work required in touring.
  3. Providing theatre companies with (for the price of membership of ASSITEJ) a powerful marketing tool for their work.
Schools and theatre practitioners also have access to a hardcopy of the online database to support those who do not have easy access to the internet and to serve as a valuable record of work done.

Connected to this online platform are two services available to paid up members:

1) Workshops for practitioners: Available in all provinces of the country, in developing materials for school, and in improving the quality of work travelling to schools. To read more about the workshops, click here

2) Touring theatre to schools: ASSITEJ SA has actively promoted touring theatre to schools since 2008. It has been directly involved in the following tours since then:

  • PAST's Walking Tall (2008): developed educational materials for this production which has travelled to over 2500 schools
  • Devotion (2009): Irish company, toured to 12 schools in Cape town and Gauteng, and gave open performance at the Baxter and Joburg Theatres, developed educational materials and workshops for the production
  • The Crossing (2010): Tour of 50 schools in the Eastern Cape, developed educational materials and workshops for the production
  • Just Enough (2011): 5 schools in WC, assisted with designing workshop
  • The Ogreling: Eastern Cape School Tour (2012), developed educational materials and workshops for the production. To read more about this recent tour, click here

Inspiring a Generation

"Inspiring a Generation" is a one year mentorship programme and focused intervention for selected theatre practitioners. ASSITEJ SA is working in partnership with Theatre Arts Admin Collective (TAAC) to deliver the programme.

The aim of the programme is to inspire theatre practitioners to make high quality children�s theatre in South Africa. By building a new generation of theatre makers working in this innovative field, we will create a new generation of theatre-goers inspired and empowered by live performance. The programme involves national and international research, collaboration and exposure which through empowerment create job opportunities.

The project contributes towards a better understanding, respect and acceptance of the different traditions in different parts of the world of theatre for children and young people and by so doing, the project will also strengthen democratic values.

The programme has been running for 3 years and has mentored 11 theatre practitioners in South Africa. Click here for former programme participants.

Remix Lab at NAF

The Remix Laboratory is a collaborative initiative between ASSITEJ SA and the National Arts Festival. It has been running for four years, since 2009, and aims to enrich the experiences of community-based youth theatre companies attending the Festival.

It does this by providing a festival residency programme for young artists during the National Arts Festival. Participants are provided with an opportunity to perform productions which are mentored by leading professionals, attend workshops led by professionals from the industry, to see a good balance of work from the Main and the Fringe programme, and to participate in debate and discussion. The programme challenges participants to interrogate their own understanding, appreciation and growth in the arts.

The long term vision of the Laboratory is to develop an ongoing sustainable platform which will offer community-based artists coming to the Festival a stimulating and creative residency which will reinvigorate the way in which they engage with the arts.

To read more about past programmes click here


ASSITEJ SA facilitates and supports individual internships for practitioners in direction, arts administration, and producing, as well as in office administration and fundraising.

If you are interested and want to find out more please contact us directly




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