ASSITEJ SA activity promotes national and international connections and partnerships between artistic individuals, theatre companies and organisations around the world through the international ASSITEJ. It uses these opportunities to ADVOCATE for access to theatre and high quality arts experiences for every child and young person. It does this by: 

In 2011, Yvette Hardie was elected by the General Assembly of the international association to the position of President of ASSITEJ for 2011-2014, the first time a President has been elected from the African continent. This is a huge honour and responsibility. It allows ASSITEJ SA even greater visibility on the World Stage. 
Tony Cealy: (June 2012)
Tony Cealy (UK -based arts practitioner) held theatre for social change workshops with many of our township-based theatre companies. His work was deeply appreciated by the groups who found the techniques useful for their processes. He worked with groups from Lwandle, Stellenbosch, Phillipi and Nyanga, and we are hoping to have him come back to do more of this work with our members in the future!
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