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 ASSITEJ SA activity promotes national and international connections and partnerships between artistic individuals, theatre companies and organisations around the world through the international ASSITEJ. It uses these opportunities to advocate for access to theatre and high quality arts experiences for every child and young person.

Hosted Honorary President Wolfgang Schneider, Dan Baron Cohen, Ulrike Hatzer, Jen Kulik, Julia Tauber, Nora Stillman Burke, Filip Bral, Washington Masenda Continental Activities 1) Hosted ACYTA meeting  in Johannesburg, November,

ACYTA MEETING 2013   From 11-13 October, ASSITEJ will hold the annual ACYTA meeting (African Children and Youth Theatre Arena), which brings together a network of all African centers of ASSITEJ. Delegates will be coming from various Afri

National Activities 1) ASSITEJ was a partner with Kuns Onpeberk, AFAI and PANSA in creating two Theatre Indabas, in CT & Joburg, also contributed presentation on theatre audience development and education, May 2012 2) AfTA � contrib

1) PUPPETRY South Africa: ASSITEJ SA considers PUPPETRY (formerly UNIMA) South Africa (the South African Association of puppetry and visual performance), a sister company. We share common beginnings (UNIMA was the first cultural organization of UNE

Conferences (forums, seminars, symposia) in aspects of Theatre for Young Audiences Invitations to Festivals for Theatre for Young Audiences Competitions related to Theatre for Young Audiences Internship opportunities at International e
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